Mentone Aquarium is dedicated to helping our customers enjoy their aquarium’s and reptiles, making it easier to keep your pets healthy and happy. With over 14 dedicated and experienced staff, all of whom are passionate about aquariums and reptiles. Our knowledge and expertise covers everything from goldfish bowls to mega marine aquariums, all reptiles and amphibians big or small.


Mentone aquarium has been operating for over 35 years and is arguably the best aquarium in Melbourne. We are bringing our expertise online to become the best online aquarium shop. Unfortunately many people may not drive the distance to Mentone so here are a few of the reasons we and thousands of our customers believe we are the best aquarium in Melbourne.

We supply the cheapest Fish Tanks, we build them on site so that we can keep the prices low. We have the biggest range of Aquariums at the lowest prices so that you get exactly what you want, we source our aquariums from throughout Australia and import from overseas. We have the largest range of Marine Fish and Corals at the lowest prices, many even below wholesale price. We are able to do this because we import and quarantine our own stock, also we buy in bulk from the best divers. We receive new cold water and tropical livestock and aquatic hardware every week to keep everything relevant and to get the best products for our customers. We keep an extensive range of Reptiles and Reptile Products, for those who like a pet they can hold and play with. We offer a wide range of lizards, turtles, insects and snakes. We continue to keep improving our business, so feel free to call, email or come in and chat with our friendly staff anytime.

If you are looking for an Aquarium in Melbourne come and see us at Mentone Aquarium.