Nisso Mute S – Air Pump

$49.95 $31.95


  • Air pump dimensions 150 × 80 × 20mm (body)
  • Weight | 90g
  • Airflow rate (ml / min) | 280
  • Rated power consumption 1.8W
  • Power system AC230V- 50Hz
  • Material IABS, rubber



Reduction in size and weight compared to conventional products because feeding the air by the expansion and contraction of the piezoelectric element, ultra-quiet, creates the ultra-low vibration.

Suggested Use

  • The Nisso Mute S is ideal for aquariums approx 30 litres in size
  • The airflow amount of the air pump will change with the water pressure (position of the air stone water depth).

Please use a check valve when installing the Mute S below the water line.