Wardley Ichaway 125ml


Ichaway is a effective treatment for Whitespot – Ichthyophthirius Multifilis. The No. 1 successful disease treatment for White Spot and Costia parasites

Wardley Ichaway Contains active ingredients of:

  • Malachite Green 2.5mg/ml
  • Acriflavine 0.5mg/ml


  • 30ml will treat 750 litres of aquarium water.
  • 125ml will treat 3125 litres of aquarium water.


  • Use 4 Drops per 5 litres or 5ml per 125 litres of aquarium water.
  • Maintain aeration and filtration but remove activated carbon and any absorbent media during treatment.
  • Use 2 parts per 5 litres for baby fish or Tetra Species.
  • Not to be used more than once per week.
  • Treatment is aided by increasing temperature to 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not use on fish intended for human consumption.


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